Travel Information

In April and May 1996, some soldiers held large-scale demonstrations in Bangui, capital of the country. Then at the end of May, the Japanese government recommended all Japanese living in the country to leave from there and not to travel to the country.

The demonstrations have stopped and resumed repeatedly since then, and on November 13th, 1997, the Japanese government has switched, from the recommendation not to travel to the country, to the recommendation to postpone visits for sightseeing. Behind the demonstrations there are political reasons that we refrain from touching on here. These problems are limited only to a part of the country, so are often in other developing countries, but it doesn't necessarily mean that security is bad nation-wide.

But the recommendation not to make sightseeing trips to the country is still in effect and you are requested to be careful when entering this country. So it is strongly recommended to get in touch with relevant authorities before departure for this country.

November 17th, 1997